Idk why I don’t like him serious lol but he’s still handsome

My babes . The one in the middle :) so handsome :)

Not a good pic of kev but he’s on the one cut off lol

My babes :)

Fuchii face !! My grumpy butt :)

My love

My sexy man :) haha my dork

Bowling :)

He was trying to get low to do the same..didnt work lol

This morning :) ah i hate when he has to leave.

#Kevin #blueheeler #buddy #pet #dog  (Taken with Instagram)

My boys #buddy #Kevin #blueheeler #pet #dog  (Taken with Instagram)

My boys :)

Found this. Kevin and buddy :) we have agreed that when Kevin gets his place he will be able to take buddy with him for a week or two :)