Kevin with hair haha

Not too bad without glasses :)

I love him :)

I love him oh so much.

My babes , I loves him :)

Just found this in my old phone.  The night before he left :)

Oh I love him :)

Kevin asking me History , Geography and math questions..Im a slow thinker .. And forgetful.. I give up.
  • Me: Omg , just go find yourself a smart girl..
  • Kev: No dont say that. You just think you're not smart.
  • Me: Im not the brightest crayon in the box.
  • Kev: Well you're my favorite crayon...
  • Me: (being stupid) Really.. so what color am I?
  • Kev: Green.
  • Me: Green?? Why green?
  • Kev: Because its my favorite color.